5 Reasons Why You Need To Care About API Performance Monitoring

What is an API?

Why is API important?

  • Movie Name
  • Locality
  • 3D/2D
  • Language
  • API serves as a necessity for Micro Service Architecture. Consider an application which delivers music, shopping & bill payments service to end users under a single hood. The user needs to login to the app and select the service for consumption. API is needed for collaborating different services for such application, contributing to overall enhanced UX.
  • API also enables an extra layer of security to the data. Neither the user’s data is overexposed to server nor the server data is overexposed to user. Say in case of movies, API tells the server, what user would like to watch and then tells the user what they have to give, in order to redeem the service. Ultimately, you get to watch your movie and the service provider is credited accordingly.

Difference between API Performance Monitoring and Application Performance Monitoring

  • Application Performance monitoring is compulsory for a high level analytics regarding how well the app is executing on integral front.
    It facilitates a internal check on the internal connectivity of a software.
    Following are the key data factors that must be monitored:
  • Server Loads
  • User Adoption
  • Market Share
  • Downloads
  • Latency
  • Error logging
  • API Performance monitoring is required to check if there exists any bottleneck outside the server, it could be in the cloud or load balancing service. These bottlenecks are not dependent on your application performance monitoring but are still considered to be catastrophic as they may abrupt the service for end users.
    It facilitates a check on the external connectivity of the software, aiding its core functionalities:
  • Back-end business operations
  • Alert operations
  • Web services

Why API Performance Monitoring is a necessity?

1. Functionality

2. Performance

3. Speed/ Responsiveness

4. Availability

How to Monitor API Performance?

  • Identify your dependable APIs — Recognize your employed APIs whether they are third-party, partner APIs? Internally connecting or Externally?
  • Comprehend the functional and transactional use cases for facilitating transparency towards the services being hosted — improves performance and MTTR(Mean Time to Repair).
  • Realize whether you already are in possession of test cases required to monitor. Whether you have existing test cases that needs to be altered or is there an urgency of new ones to be developed?
  • Know the right tool — API performance monitoring is highly dependent on the tool being used. You need an intuitive, user friendly, result optimizing tool with everything packed in.




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Harshit Paul

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