Skyrocket Your Cross Browser Testing with Minimal Effort

Cross-browser Compatibility Testing — No replacement for manual testing

Primary Objectives of Cross Browser Testing

Identification of Browser, OS, and Device combinations

Preliminary Research

Analytics and Insights into the customer’s preferences

Test on Browsers that ‘matter the most’

  • Check whether the website renders properly after disabling CSS and JavaScript from the code.
  • Use browser developer debug options to view the website/web-app for different viewports.
  • Try testing ‘interactive use cases’ on the website/web-app.
  • Check whether the web-app/website works fine in scenarios where there is throttling of internet speeds. You could even use the admin login of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to limit the internet speed. There are online tools (like webpagetest, etc.) that can also be used in order to test this scenario.



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Harshit Paul

Harshit Paul

I am a product growth specialist at LambdaTest. He is also an experienced IT professional, who loves to share his thoughts about the latest tech trends.